FA Update

This update is provided by saki731, the creator of Fate and Available and I translated it.

Fate &Available (虚妄之实) Progress Report
Currently, the game is 85% finished. The map between the last boss has been finished.
What needs to be done are:

·Mobs in the last stage and their skills. I will need 5-8 different mobs and 4 skills. I have to test the troops also. Based on my working efficiency, this takes a few days.
·At least 4 boss fights.
·Dialogues and cut scenes.
These will take a lot of time. I can’t tell how long they will take right now.

In addition, I have many ideas and may not be able to finish them.
1. I made a parallel universe for the Skunk Girl Club. I believe that those players as careful as test engineer can definitely find the entrance. I really want to make some interesting game in it. It’s not easy at all, and I got stuck here.
I want to add some scenes for Mr. Aerodynamics. I want to express his renown in the community but I am not able to make good quests.

2. The nightmare space has come back. Some test players suggest that I should make it more playable, but it’s not easy.

3.I wrote “official fictions” for the game, and they will be a trilogy! Surprised? Currently, I finished the first one, the Pale Blood, one and a half years ago. (It will be release when FA is finally released). The other two fictions have just started. I want to connect the game with the fictions so their progresses are both stuck.

4. If someone can help me draw the CG for the ending. If yes, I will be 100 times more motivated!

5. The story of FA2 has been finished, too, and I am quite satisfied with the story. So when I can’t make progress in FA I will think about FA2…. Geez, I left too many stuff unfinished….

6. Lazy.

7. I have much work to do irl and don't have much time for the game making, and I'm sorry for this sloppy update. I hope you guys can understand. Anyway, I will try to finish this game as soon as possible. I hope the characters I created can be popular. I hope everybody likes them and artists draw them. This game was born with defects but I hope I can make it as perfect as I can.

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Oh man I am so excited to hear about all of this progress. My hopes are that the game will be translated into English! But if I have to learn an entirely different language just to play this game I totally will! Lol :3

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Exciting things are happening! We wish saki731 much luck in their work!

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Desire to learn Chinese is soaring in my heart.
Thank you for your translation aerobro.

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Thank God there's an update on thisgame!! With the unfortunate hiatus of Lost Treasures I was beginning to think this project was just a domino effect of time consumption; but No it's almost done!! >~<

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Nice I can't wait to see more of it. Do finish it one day I'll be waiting. :)

It's good to see some news on your blog.


Good to finally hear an update on the blog, as I thought it was dead.

asian fanfics

Game updates are great, I enjoyed this game.

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