Aerodynamics is back!

So I finally open this blog. As some of you may know, Youtube banned my channel. Although those animations can be found on onedrive →, I still need a place to communicate with other fart lovers to make me FEEL that these videos are being watched and enjoyed.@@ Please comment, tell me your idea and I will definitely read them carefully.

When you first open mikumikudance, load the model of your lovely waifu. With excitement and hentai fantasy in your brain, you peel off her clothes... Suddenly you witness a shocking scene: The place, where the important things should be, is totally blank. Or even worse, the place is instead a big hole. How horrible! As a perfectionist with sense of justice, I can't stand such lovely girls to be incomplete. So, I took some time to perfect one of our fart stars, Kisaragi Chihaya.

The breasts without tits? No! After a small surgery, Chihaya-chan once again acquire her proud oppai.

1.jpg 2.jpg
Of course two holes needs to be created. As a popular IdolF@rter, she was exceptionally endowed with the capability of puckering up and opening her chrysanthemum when releasing the gas. To be honest, carving her pussy and anus is really a pleasure.

Below is the same performance she had given before, but this time the clothing is a little bit different. :p

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All hail the Goddess of Farts! Aerodynamics is back and that's great!

I like your videos, Aerodynamics-san. Please, don't quit it.

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Right on, glad you found a site to create a blog. I really enjoy your animations, especially the ones with skunk girls v-290. It gives me the urge to create some of my own, but I have no experience with MMD, 3D models and I don't know a lick of Japanese lol. Oh well, I'm looking forward to Part 2 of your last video!

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I'm Glad the YouTube Issue isn't getting you Down! :D

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Thank you guys all! I really appreciate your support!


I love your videos and glad to find you here! Please keep going!

I wondered if you only wanted to do girl fart videos or if you were also open to do boy farts sometimes?

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Oops sorry, I put my pseudo in the wrong place in my previous comment.

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Hey great you're still out there...was afraid you quit when your YouTube channel was down :O
When will you release the next part of the wolf - skunkette vid? I think this one has huge potential!

Keep it up :)

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>> Yoruichi
I'm not really into boy's fart, so I don't plan to spend time on making a boy animation. But if I can find good boy models, I might be able to use some existing motion file to make a boy version.
>> Anonymous
I once said I will release the skunk girl animation in June, it seems that it's a hard mission. Hopefully I can make it in July. It will be good!

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>> Aerodynamics

I understand and I like your idea for boys fart, that'd be great if you could do that! It'd be a start for anime boy farts videos, and a great one as your videos are really fab!

Anyway, keep it up, you're very very talented!

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Why don't you make a Facebook group?

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Nice vids, but you should go for ones where the girl is blasting long powerful farts constantly! :D

(Also, a bit of a selfish little suggestion, but perhaps you could delve into Touhou characters with massive flatulence?)

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You still around, man? You told me to give you my email address but you never got back to me.

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I'm still in China and I don't have the whole things on my computer. I'm sorry! I will let you know as soon as I returned.

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Hey I'm glad to hear that you are back...and even better with a so good looking project like the onara rpg you are working on, but one question: Does this mean you will stop working on the skunk girl - wolf thing or did you make progress on that one too?

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Did you ever get a full translation for that one really long animation?

skunk girl animation

Hey aerodynamics,

you said you want to finish your skunkgirl animation in july, how long will it actually take until it's finished?
Sry for the pressure but I simply cannot await it's release ;)

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Hi Aerodynamics!

I loved your skunk spray animation where the skunk sprays in the wolfs mouth. Can you please do more like that?
Maybe with higher resolution model and on a human instead of wolf. It would be so sexy if you could get a nice skunk girl spraying in the mouth of a human. Farts in the mouth of human are really sexy too. Please do more like that!

Thank you and keep up the good work!


hey! I'd really LOVE to see more of your fart videos centered around skunks girls, and what I REALLY love is when you can see their buttholes as well, and when they move when they fart 😍

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