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I'm soooo sorry! The Lost Treasures Project has to be postponed. Too many things happened in my life so I had very little time for the game making. To compensate you guys, I decided to release the 2nd chapter of LT. I wish you don't lose patient on this game. Aero thanks all of you!

What's New:
· The story of the 2nd chapter.
· Faster battle processing speed
· Faster text scrolling speed. You can also fast forward dialogues by pressing "→" key. The disadvantage is that the bust images sometimes blink.
· The encounters of enemies are now on map encounters.
· Battle recollection system (in libraries)
· Fixed some bugs

Download link (Only Chinese version):!QQZTXCJC!h3qMHuL05u0dpMxhqFpaYwEjJSyc8oXq9f89t0sVjo8

I'm sorry I can only provide Chinese version. As I said the translation will begin after the game is finished. This is to prevent repetitive translation. Please understand!!!!!
The old save files are not usable. However, I prepared a save file starting from the 2nd chapter for those who have went through chapter 1.

If you don't speak Chinese, and you want to walkthrough the game, here's a guide:
Walkthrough Guide:
→Talk with 1111.png
→Go to the left dorm and defeat 2222.png
→Talk with 1111.png
→Leave Onara College and go to the southern town Sastol. Find 3333.png's group and defeat them.
→Talk with 1111.png
→Talk with 4444.png
→Find the trapdoor at the 1F of Onara College. Go to the secret base and defeat 5555.png
→Talk with 1111.png
→Go to the 5F of Onara College and defeat the boss
→Take the ship 6666.png towards the southern continent at the pier of Sastol, and the Chapter 2 ends here.

There are two mini games in this chapter. I'll briefly introduce what they are doing:
The goal of the first is to collect as much as MP within a certain number of turns. When the turn starts, press "Z" to stop the bar of gas and then press left and right alternatively as fast as you can. The more gas and hits, the more gain of MP.
The goal of the second game is to reach 60 gas points first. Pretty straight forward.
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