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Yes. An RPG. A game that I'm currently working on with 13o, and a game about adventures in another world. It may sound a little bit cliche, but we are trying our best to make it interesting and good.
As the name of the game "Lost Treasures" indicates, the story begins with the loss of a mysterious treasure. The girls then jumped into investigation, and unconsciously got involved in a huge conspiracy. During the adventure, they found and fight for different powerful treasures and ultimately they found that the treasure...

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Ahem. No more spoiler, because the plot is not important! The important thing is that the game is about FART! Pure fart, no shit! We will try to demonstrate all kinds of fart we can think of. Yeah.

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I am planning on making a longer game, probably 5 hours of playing time. The good news is that now the game has one chapter finished, which is completed enough for a demo. The bad news, however, is that it is made in Chinese. ("Ahhhh, it's Chinese to me!"). I'm now translating it into English, though, and it may take me about one month to finish the demo. Future plan includes translating into Japanese and put it on DLsite... If you can help me with the translation, please do tell me!

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We know that it is a fetish game, so making everyone rock hard is our ultimate goal. Thanks to 13o, the game can have a huge amount of sexy fights, specials and CGs. I hope you anticipate it, and I hope it comes out soon!

Oh, and also, Merry Christmas and happy new year!
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