Skunk girls

I love skunk girls. Who doesn't?

There has always been a dilemma in the smell of girls farts. We all love stinky farts, but when a girl produces some really smelly gases, she may have some intestinal problems. That made me feel kind of sorry for her. When the farting girl is healthy, there likely to be only a thin smell.

Fortunately, we have skunk girls! They can produce the worst smell in the world from their asshole, and that's a sign of their health and strength. So perfect! In addition, what on earth can be cuter than kemonomimi girls, especially those who have beautiful black and white stripes? However, although many fartists have included skunk girls in their drawings, I don't know why there are very few fart fetish AVs that use skunk girls as characters. Come on, don't ignore such a great material!

Today I was reading SBD-san's blog and I saw this:

Cat vs Skunk

This is a custom video of a costume skunk girl and costume cat girl fighting. With visual and sound effects, the movie actually showed the skunk girl spraying(farting). The skunking scene is impressive, but the part I enjoyed the most is how the cat girl suffocates, coughs, and spasms when she was skunked. That's what happens if you mess with a skunk!

This also reminds me of an custom video I requested one year ago.
Stinky Skunk

I hope skunk girls can be enjoyed by more people all around the world, and hope we can see more skunk girls in the future~

Let's end up with a new animation.
Self Introduction


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