The Breathtaking Game

The Beta version was complete!

New features:

MMD nude model.
Movements and farts are synchronized.
Increasing difficulty with time.


Making a Game using Unity

The translation work is really heavy. A little boring, actually. It's hard to focus on it for a long period of time so I haven't finish it yet. I will not stop doing it, though.

However I made something new. I took a few days to learn programming and another few days to make a game using Unity. Let's see how it looks.


Unity-chan! This time she will be the leading character of the fart game! I didn't even know this girl before I started using Unity, but she's pretty cute, right? (Actually it is the only good model I can find so far)


So this is a breathtaking game! All you have to do is to press space key to breath and not make yourself suffocated. Unfortunately, unity-chan is a little bit gassy and she keeps farting in your face. It is inevitable to take some of her juicy farts.
If the fart concentration in your body (indicated by the color of the breath bar) is too high. You will received damage. as shown in the following picture. The color of the screen represents the fart concentration in air. A tip: trying to actually breath with the game is very interesting!


When the health bar goes to 0, you will faint, and the game is over.

The game is very crude now. I didn't make the movement and the fart synchronized, but I will do it in the future. Other movements such as butt suffocating(can't inhale), facefarting (must inhale) may also be added so that the game can be more interesting. I may also try to convert MMD models into Unity, thus we can have some decent bare ass model.
Here's the link.

The Breathtaking Game Alpha0.02

In addition, I made two Touhou animations.

Sanae Kochiya - God's Wind

Patchouli Knowledge - Ginger Gust

What other spell card can I make? Master Spark? (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Self Introduction


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