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I was not expecting to release this animation, but since I haven't upload any animations for a while, I think I should take something out of the warehouse for you.

It's about the RPG game(Let's temperorally call it FA), but not exactly. They will be the two characters in the game I planned to make myself. The game is actually a sequal of FA. (People: WTF? Finish the first game first!) The purple-haired girl is the main character, whose nickname is "magic pepper". As the name indicates, her fart is driven by the magic, and has a very spicy smell, just like a pepper spray! The other girl is another main character, whose nickname is "peach cannon". Her fart doesn't beat opponents with the smell, but with the strong blast of wind. They are emitted just like a cannon and cause strong physical damage to the opponent. The two girls are both students in fart college (Yes, the game shares the world view with FA) and they are very good friends. They met a young adventurer one day, and their lives were totally changed....

That's all I can say now. To be honest, I don't have confidence finishing the game, because it requires a lot of effort. So I can't make any promise.... But I really really hope to finish it, because I think the story and the character would be pretty attracting.

The FA game is going slowly but continously. Hopefully I can finish my school work in a few weeks, and then I can at least release a demo version before Christmas.

Things I might be working on in the future:

The MMDs of FA games.

Silk vs Pamela 2

and Fart animation 15.....

This messy semester is finallly coming to the end. Jesus!
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