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I believe that many of you have asked the question: Is there any female that really enjoys farting?

It seems that the answer is - No. In real life, we have never seen or smelled girls farting. When the fart topic comes, they quickly go slient and their faces blush. They are always so elegant and graceful that some people even think that girls don't fart.

In fart fetish community, the situation is worse. In most of the the forums, the active members are all males. Among the 120 members I gathered in a Chinese fart fetish discussion group, the number of girls is ------ zero. What a shame! It seems that we fart fetishists can never find partners who really enjoy gassy interactions.

Or can we?

Thanks to the analytic tool of Youtube, we can now reveal some of the hidden truth. I have collected 127k views of data since the reopening of my channel. Among these views, about 80% come from men and 20% come from women.

GOOD NEWS! This implies that the females who enjoy farting has a higher proportion than we thought to be. Although farting animated girls is just a small niche in the whole fart fetish stuff, it should be quite representative.

Then, let's take a look at the age distribution.

BAD NEWS! The mode of the female viewer appears in the range of 35-44 years old. Younger girls are definitely cuter and sexier, but they are not as interested in fart as older women...

Why's that? I guess it is because young girls' gassy desires are repressed by the idea that farting is rude. It is not that they don't like it, it is that they didn't realize they like it! As they grow older, they become more open-minded to farts and gradually develop fart fetish.

Good news. Maybe.

Right now, I can't say more without more data input, but the idea is that girls who enjoy farting may be more than we thought to be, and even more than THEY thought to be. So guys, go and find girls around you with potential fart fetish. Maybe you will have a surprise!

Gals (if any), you are also encouraged to comment and tell us what you think. XD
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