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It's been a long time since my last post. How are you doing?
After finishing last semester, I went back to China, where there's no Internet access to google, gmail, youtube, fc2 and a lot of other mainstream websites. This is the excuse for not replying you guys' comment and message. I aplogize.
But during this period, I was able to talk a lot with my friends. Among them I must introduce talented saki731, who brought me a surprise:

Recently, a lot of talented friends(superdude and LittleBoyEni, etc) started making their own onara RPG (The information can be found on the forum of nyoubooru) I was really really excited to see the renaissance of onara rpg. Now we have a new one! This game actually started even earlier. He told me the plan a few month ago but I didn't expect that he had completed quite a lot.
The storie is about a magician boy who accidently met a girl from an onara school. She was trying to find the lost treasure and he decided to help her. During the adventure, he found that.... Wait, I decide to stop here and maintain some sense of mystery.
Anyway, he went to different places, met different people, enjoyed different kinds of fart, and finally found the treasure.... Or maybe? This game will not be a game with endless boss fight. Saki paid a lot of attentions on the plot. The stories, conversations, animations and effects will be great, I promise.
And oh, I also prepared the models for the main characters. I will make animations for the super moves and maybe some scenes in the story. (So lovely!)
The release date will approximately be the end of this year. Right now the game is made in Chinese, but I might be able to translate it into English in the future. My only concern is that my English is not good, so if any of you can help writing those scripts, please tell me. I would really appreciate that.
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