Aerodynamics is back!

So I finally open this blog. As some of you may know, Youtube banned my channel. Although those animations can be found on onedrive →, I still need a place to communicate with other fart lovers to make me FEEL that these videos are being watched and enjoyed.@@ Please comment, tell me your idea and I will definitely read them carefully.

When you first open mikumikudance, load the model of your lovely waifu. With excitement and hentai fantasy in your brain, you peel off her clothes... Suddenly you witness a shocking scene: The place, where the important things should be, is totally blank. Or even worse, the place is instead a big hole. How horrible! As a perfectionist with sense of justice, I can't stand such lovely girls to be incomplete. So, I took some time to perfect one of our fart stars, Kisaragi Chihaya.

The breasts without tits? No! After a small surgery, Chihaya-chan once again acquire her proud oppai.

1.jpg 2.jpg
Of course two holes needs to be created. As a popular IdolF@rter, she was exceptionally endowed with the capability of puckering up and opening her chrysanthemum when releasing the gas. To be honest, carving her pussy and anus is really a pleasure.

Below is the same performance she had given before, but this time the clothing is a little bit different. :p

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